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You can apply to a company directly through their ‘Careers’ page on their website or apply to advertisements in the newspaper or on job portals. And you could do this systematically by breaking down your list of favoured companies in this way:


  • Dream companies – Top 30 companies in the industry you wish to apply, where your chances maybe low but you can write great cover letters for each and take your chance
  • Focus companies – 30 mid-sized companies, where you may follow-up and can land a job
  • Plan B companies – 30 companies which are not your first priority but where you can definitely fit in and have a smoother run.

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Don’t worry – if you don’t have a job offer in hand till now during the ongoing campus placement season. In fact, placements are not the end all for your college course, it is just the first opportunity to get that coveted first job offer.

In case, the campus placement season has not left you with a desirable job offer, then you could go off-campus. For those who have just started exploring off-campus placement channels, here is how you could do so systematically and with a focus.

Apply directly to the company

You can apply to a company directly through their ‘Careers’ page on their website or apply to advertisements in the newspaper or on job portals. And you could do this systematically by breaking down your list of favoured companies in this way:

  • Dream companies – Top 30 companies in the industry you wish to apply, where your chances maybe low but you can write great cover letters for each and take your chance
  • Focus companies – 30 mid-sized companies, where you may follow-up and can land a job
  • Plan B companies – 30 companies which are not your first priority but where you can definitely fit in and have a smoother run.

Go for a long-term Internship

Internships are essentially short-term work stints where students or trainees work in an organisation to gain experience; this could be with or without pay. A lot of companies are open to hiring interns or trainees who are recent graduates. While the pay maybe low, it could be a great start and an inroad to a job within the company itself. This could ideally be done with a dream company. Media companies, advertising agencies and many government organisations use this approach.

Connect with alumni

Most colleges and universities in India have active alumni associations, where alumni turn up to mentor current students. You can leverage this and connect with well-established alumni who are successful in their industries. If not directly through college, try to find Facebook Groups or LinkedIn groups where your alumni could be active. These alumni could help you understand the industry better, possibly mentor you and even help you with opportunities to find your first job. You just need to make the right connection!

Network on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn’s stats, more than 40 million students and recent graduates use the platform. This new demographic understand the importance of career networking and planning. On the platform, they connect with influencers, recruiters and executives and gain on their jobs search. You could do so too. However, take care that your communication does not become spam; the written word is the only bridge you could use here. You could also apply directly to the active job board.

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Don’t lose hope and follow these steps to get successful in your off-campus. Go, search for your first job!

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Problem description:

Consider NewYork city which has the grid like structure of houses. You are provided the city map in the form of a matrix. Each cell represents a building. From each building, you can go to adjacent four buildings in four directions: east, west, north, south. Spiderman wants to rescue a victim which is on some building. You will be provided with the location of victim and Spiderman is situated at (1,1) building. But, there is a condition that Spiderman can not jump between buildings if the difference in their heights is greater than some particular value. Find a way for Spiderman to reach the victim by crossing the minimum number of buildings.


Input contains multiple test cases. First Line is an integer T, representing the number of test cases to follow.
The first line of each test case has 4 numbers – M, N, X, Y, D. Here MxN is the dimension of the city grid. (X, Y) is the location of the victim.
This is followed by M lines. Each line consist of N space separated positive integers corresponding to building heights. D is the maximum difference between heights of buildings that Spiderman can cross.
One line for each test case containing a single integer, denoting the minimum number of buildings Spiderman needs to cross. Return -1 if it is not possible.

Constraints :

Should contain all the constraints on the input data that you may have. Format it like:

1 ≤ T, M, N, X, Y ≤ 100
1 ≤ D ≤ 100000
Each building height will be less than 100000

Example Input:



  • In the first test case, we have to cross buildings with height 2, 3, 4 to reach building (3,3). So the answer is 3.
  • In the second test case, we cannot go to either of the buildings with height 8 or 9. So the answer is -1.
  • In the third case, we have to cross building with height 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (in that order). So the answer is 7.

C++ Implementation:

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The simple answer to your question is “They can’t”. Because they donot know your password too. Everytime you sign-up for a website and enter your password, it will then be converted to its hash and stored in the database. A hash is a one way function and therefore it is impossible to retrieve the plain text from a hash.

And each time you try to login and enter your password, it again converts the entered password into the same hash and matches it with the original hash in the database. If the generated hash is matched against the original one, you are then authenticated and your login will be successful.

In this case, if you try to reset your password they cannot provide you the password because it is stored in a hash format. So they simply verify your email and reset your account with a new password.

MD5 is one of the most secure hashing Algorithm which is commonly used in most of the web Applications.

Find out more information about hashing Algorithms at the link given below.


Hope this helps.

To the boy who is concerned.

When  you go days without talking to a girl, you leave her questioning. You make her doubt you ever cared that you are not talking, and she’ll eventually convince herself that you don’t care. It may not be a big deal for you now, but when she starts talking to someone else I bet it will be a big deal.

She won’t wait around for you forever. So be the man and just go talk to her.

“Are you planning to have a family”?, A recruiter asked.

This story is based on a true incident. This girl happens to be one of my friends.

That was her interview day. With all the preparation done, she entered the recruiter’ chamber. Everything is going great. Looking at her resume (she is 10-12 months into marriage),the recruiter asked her, Are you planning to have a family ?. She had no clue what to answer rather she failed to understand how relevant is that question to her interview.

Companies these days are not at all concerned about the skills, work ethics and the communication. 


​I travel a lot during my college vacation from Delhi to Hyderabad to Delhi.  The Indian Railways and its Trains have their own charm. But what adds flavor to my experience in trains are the people travelling with me. People from different states, Backgrounds, Age groups and Languages are brought under one roof in a train journey. People travelling with me make my journey Joyous or downright irritated but nevertheless memorable. These are some Typical guys I encounter in an Indian train some time or the other.

1: The Nostalgic Guy

Every time I book a train ticket I think I may travel along with someone like Deepika Padukone from Chennai Express or Kareena from Jab we Met. Well, most of the times, bad news awaits me. I check the Passenger list pasted outside the train and I see a family of four with a 50 odd year old gentleman sitting near me. He would keep saying sentences such as “When I was a 25 year old… In 1982….”. I check the time and it’s been only two minutes since he started. Invisible tears roll down my cheeks but out of sheer respect for his age, I nod my head, say “Yes..Ya..Correct…Absolutely..Avunu Uncle.. etc.” and complete the relatively year long journey.

2)The Foodie

This guy needs no introduction. This guy would have brought food from his home but would gorge on innumerable types of food like a person hungry for days. Biryani plus Roti plus Tea plus Lays plus anything under the sky would be game for this guy. He just doesn’t care what the compartment thinks of him and keeps eating. In case you haven’t seen this guy, you will definitely see him if you happen to travel with me.                          
3)The Techie Guy

This guy is a byproduct of this crazy generation that we live in. He turns his eyes away from the beautiful scenes outside the window, and instead is completely immersed in a mobile device or Movie or Game or whatever digital stuff that is. Immersed in his Headphones, Laptop and Mobiles connected to charging points, 

you’ve seen this guy right?   

4) The “Beta Thoda Adjust karo na” Guy

This is Trade mark Indian Right. Once I had to reach my Hometown for vacation. I was in my 12th standard then. I was a Bandh kind of situation in Hyderabad and all the buses towards my home were on halt. The only means of transportation was the Indian railways. I happened to travel in unreserved compartment for a relatively long distance. There were at least 5 people in one square foot area standing, holding dearly on to bars above. All I kept hearing throughout the journey was  “Konchem Adjust chesuko Babu”. For all my DTU and CU friends who don’t understand it, It translates to “Beta, thoda adjust karo na” in Hindi.

At one point of time a guy was literally standing over my feet .This incident gave me the realization that In India no place is ever filled completely. There is always space for more!!. The Pepsi TVC way back in my childhood with the slogan “Ye dil maange more” now makes much more sense to me.                       
5) The “I can snore the most” Guy

Once during a night journey I kept telling to god only one thing. “Why God? Why me?” I was in upper berth and 3 out of 5 people in my adjacent berths started snoring .I was dead tired and kept tossing over my berth for a long time. No Offence, but sometimes I felt there was some sort of competition going on among themselves as to who snores the most!!

Next morning one amongst the three asked me, “Beta. Had a good sleep?” I sarcastically remarked, oh yes sir!! Absolutely!!     
6) The Ultimate Gyan Baba – The Marketing Guy

From Jammu and Kashmir to Tamil Nadu, Gujarat to Arunachal this guy would have truly travelled places. You would say I am from this place and he would be like “Yeah I’ve been to this place. I know the dealer in your X Locality in Y Street.” He would talk about politics, Economics, Cinema, Personal life and what not. Sporting a French Beard this guy usually speaks in five different languages. By the end of your journey you would have learnt a lot of Geography and Philosophy from this guy.       
7) The “Ticketless” Guy

I happened to meet this guy on a couple of occasions. Once during my travel, as usual I was striking a good conversation with around a 30 year old guy. Everything seemed normal until the ticket collector came to our seats. When the TC asked for his ticket he started scratching his head and it turned out he did not have a ticket after all. Not even an unreserved ticket.

8) The “Can you please give this seat” Guy

This is The Trade Mark Indian Right too . An unmarried, young person travelling alone like me is usually the prey for these guys. The typical turnout of events would be like this. I would be a very happy chap getting a window seat, staring out of the window and having a great time. A middle aged guy approaches me  and asks “Son, Since we have come as a family ,can you give us this seat S1 52  and go to S8 24 ?”. I wish I would say to this guy “Berth is my Birth Right and I shall have it.” 

But end up saying “Sure Uncle..!! Why not”.